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About us

Our organization, Federation of sign language interpreters and Translators of Zambia(FSLITZ). Is the mother body of interpreters and Translators which aims at connecting the deaf and hearing community and also ensures to train and produce professional sign language interpreters and Translators in Zambia. It further ensures deaf have equal access to information and services.


An organization that trains interpreters and translators, provides professional interpreters, brings sanity to the interpreter profession, in order to bridge the gap between the deaf communities and the hearing world.

Our organization consistently trains Zambian sign language interpreters. We provide high-quality training and instruction to assist deaf and hearing individuals communicate better. Our mission is to empower sign language interpreters to become skilled professionals and serve both the Deaf and hard of-hearing communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

FEDERATION OF SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS AND TRANSLATORS OF ZAMBIA (FSLITZ) To establish an institution that provides quality standards of practice, ethics, education, and professionalism, while creating an inclusive environment for all individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing across Zambia, leaving no one behind.


Our Vision

FEDERATION OF SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS AND TRANSLATORS OF ZAMBIA (FSLITZ) Has the vision to create an efficient, standard, and professional sign language interpreting and translating  federation in Zambia

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