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DIA (Deaf Interpreter Advisor)

Rachel Chomba, deaf, has 9 years of experience as a special education teacher for deaf learners, and 8 years experience as a disability rights advocate. Rachel is currently employed as a Special Education teacher and under the Ministry of General Education. She is sitting on the boards of Zambia National Association of Women with Disabilities (ZNADWO), Federation of Sign Language Interpreters and Translators of Zambia (FSLTIZ), the National Youth chairperson for the Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD) and is a member of the National Executive Committee of the Special Eduction Teachers Union (SPETUZ). She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education from the University of Zambia and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Special Education and a Disability Equality Capacity Building Course. She is a trained Deaf interpreter under the Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Zambia (ASLIZ).


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