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Vice Secretary

Ruth mukuma has 6 years of experience in sign language interpreting, Ruth is the co-founder and Board member of the Federation of Sign Language Interpreters and Translators of Zambia (FSLITZ) serving as a vice secretary. Ruth is a member of the Children of Deaf Adults Zambia (CODAZA) serving as the secretary since 2019. She is a volunteer member of the Zambia Deaf Society (ZDS), a Deaf-led NGO serving as a sign language interpreter. Ruth holds Level 1 and 2 certificates in sign language interpreting from the Association of Sign language Interpreters of Zambia (ASLIZ) and is pursuing the final Level 3 training later this year. She also holds a certificate in tailoring, catering and entrepreneurship. Being born from Deaf parents, Ruth is determined and committed to bridging the communication gap between the deaf and hearing communities.


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